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Keeping Your Belongings Safe At A Hotel

If you plan on taking a luxury vacation in the near future, you may make arrangements to stay at a hotel or resort area. This is a fun way to enjoy your vacation, as there are usually many amenities and activities to enjoy. When staying at a hotel, you need to take proper precautions to make sure your belongings are kept safe while away from home. Here are some tips on how to safeguard your belongings when staying at a hotel.

Use The Safe Deposit Box

Most hotel rooms at luxury resorts will have a safe or safe deposit box available to house your valuables. These will help keep your items away from any dishonest employees, as well as keep the items out of site from anyone that may visit your room.

Use Locking Luggage

Invest in luggage that comes with combination locks to open it. Having locking luggage will deter anyone entering your room from trying to steal items. They will not be able to see what you have inside your luggage, so the risk in taking the luggage to open later is pretty high. They may not get anything good from the theft, so it is undesirable to most thieves to take the chance in getting caught removing the luggage from your room.

Never Leave Things In The Open

When you leave your room for the day, make sure you have all of your personal items out of view. Place your valuables in the safe deposit box or the locking luggage and zip up your other luggage and put it in a corner or under a table. Keep your room looking neat so that staff members will not be tempted to take something out of the room that is left out in plain view.

Watch Your Key

Do not allow others to use your key while you are away. Make sure you keep it out of view, on your person while you are away from the hotel. Do not leave it unattended.

When leaving for the day, place a piece of clear tape over the key reader on your door. This will help you figure out if someone has tampered the door to try to gain entry while you were out. If the tape appears to have been removed and replaced, alert the front desk immediately. Most thieves will bypass a room with a piece of tape over the reader, as there is a risk of fingerprints being left on the tape if they try to gain entry. They will simply move on to another target.

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