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Six Tips For Staying In A Hotel Room With Young Children

Traveling with kids can be a hassle. If you'll be in close quarters with your children during your hotel stay, you might want to put some thought into how you're going to save your sanity while traveling.

The following are some great tips on handling a hotel stay with some young and rambunctious roommates:

Book a larger room or suite

Experienced parents know that kids up take up an astounding amount of space. Consider booking the largest hotel room possible if you'll have some young kids along on your trip. Everyone in your party will be more comfortable with more room to move around in and have some private space. 

Bring some sleep aids along

With the excitement of a new location, kids might have trouble getting to sleep in a hotel room. You might have to put some extra effort into putting your kids to sleep. Considering bringing along a night light or a white-noise machine to get infants and toddlers to feel sleepy. 

Have some after-bedtime entertainment

Once you get back to your hotel room after a busy day, your goal will probably be getting the kids to sleep ASAP. Of course, you might want to stay up after the kids have gone to sleep to have some alone time. Bring along some quiet activities like a good book to keep you entertained after your kids' bedtime. 

Bring along some cups

There seems to be a chronic shortage of disposable cups in hotel rooms. While you might have a fully stocked cup dispenser in your bathroom at home, you'll probably only have two cups max to use in your hotel room. Bring along your own cups so that your kids can use their own cups while brushing their teeth before bed. 

Split the kids up

If you've got more than one child along for the trip, splitting them up might be your best bet for getting some rest. If you have double beds in your hotel room, it might be a good idea to have mom sleep with one child and dad with another. 

Look out for entertaining hotel amenities

If you've got kids, you know that tiring them out before bedtime is important for getting a good night's sleep. Look for hotel amenities like a swimming pool or a kids' club that will keep your kids active during the daytime so that they will fall asleep quickly at night. Speak directly with hotels like Comfort Inn & Suites for more tips.