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Before You Sign, Look At The Sign: Four Things To Consider Signing An Apartment Lease

Finding the perfect apartment can be time-consuming and difficult. After all, it has to have the right amount of space, in the right location, and the right price. Even worse, apartments often come with lengthy leases—which can make the thought of moving in especially scary.

If you are looking for a new apartment—and you don't want to be stuck living somewhere you hate—use these four tips to make the process easier:

1. Look at the Lease

Before you sign the lease, take some time to look over it carefully. Look at how long the lease will be in place. Although most apartments have a lease length of 6-12 months, some apartments may offer shorter leases.

If you do not plan on living in the apartment for very long—or you are unsure of your future—ask about a month-to-month lease, which will allow you to move at a moment's notice. Although month-to-month leases generally have a higher rent, it will be worth it if you do plan to move because then you will not be responsible for additional fees for breaking the lease.

2. Pay Attention to Amenities

Apartments all have some sort of amenities; however, the type and price vary greatly. Look at your wants and needs, and write down a list of amenities that you absolutely need—and some that are more of a want.

For example, if you have a pet than you will obviously want an apartment that allows pets. However, other amenities that you may want to look in to include paid utilities, air conditioners, washer and dryer, and garbage disposal. You may also want to look at extra amenities the apartment grounds hold, such as a play area for children.

3. Talk to the Neighbors

You can learn a lot about the apartment and landlord by talking to the current tenants—your prospective neighbors. Ask questions about the apartment, such as how long they have been living there. You should also ask questions about rent, additional fees, maintenance, and other items that may affect your life.

4. Inspect Before Signing

Finally, make sure you inspect your prospective apartment thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. Even if the apartment looks functional and clean, you should take your time to look for potential issues.

Some common areas to inspect include the pipes, faucets, appliances, walls, and windows. While you do your walkthrough, be on the lookout for anything suspicious, such as leaking water. You should also make sure that you open up cupboards, so that you can see areas of the apartment that are hidden from plain sight—as there may be issues lurking there as well.

Although it isn't easy to find the perfect apartment rental, it can be done. Use these four tips to help make it a reality. To learn more, contact a company like Dale Forest Apartments with any questions or concerns you have.