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How To Incorporate Vintage Décor For A Condo Showing

When you are preparing to rent your condo through a place like Abbes Condo Rental, you may go to observe other local open houses and home showings to see how other sellers or real estate agents are staging the houses and condos for these events. You may soon get tired of seeing the same bland colors and looks. Liven things up for your condo showing and open house by incorporating vintage furniture, accents, and lighting fixtures into your condo's décor.

Start with a Special Piece

When it comes to vintage items for your condo, what differentiates old junk from vintage treasure can sometimes be subjective. The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for vintage décor for your home is how the piece makes you feel. Granted, everyone who looks at your home is likely to perceive the piece differently, but personally appreciating the piece is the best way to judge whether it belongs in the home. Once you have selected one especially nice piece of vintage furniture or other décor, you can expand from there to add vintage items to all the rooms of your condo.

Modernize Some Simple Lighting Fixtures

You don't want a potential renter to walk into your condo and feel like they are back in time. While that has a certain sort of charm and novelty, that is not likely to inspire the average condo seeker. Instead, you want the vintage touches to be light and sophisticated. Modernize vintage light fixtures, such as a vintage hanging lantern, and place them at a part of the room where everyone is sure to look.

Paint Vintage Pieces to Match Modern Ones

If you buy some vintage furniture from a local secondhand shop, you may give it a fresh coat of paint so that it matches your modern appliances and walls. That way, old pieces appear new and fresh. Using paint in bright, modern shades can make even items with old styles appear new and trendy. You may find condo renters drawn to your home and not able to exactly pin point what they love bout your décor so much.

Finally, keep in mind that vintage things set a certain tone to your condo that many people will find appealing. When you choose your vintage pieces carefully, you can strike just the right mix of modern and classic in your condo, and you can appeal to a wide variety of condo renters. Before you know it, you may soon be whisked off to sign contracts for the rental of your condo.