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4 Tips To Keep Everyone Happy In Your Group Vacation Rental

Are you planning a group trip to a vacation rental? Private homes and condos are perfect for groups because they allow everyone to stay together, customize their travel, and still save money. But fully pleasing everyone in a group can be extremely challenging. How can you improve the chances of pleasing everyone completely with your rental home choice? Here are a few key tips.

1. Avoid Crowded Dates. During the most popular travel periods for your destination, fewer rentals will be available. Those that are available will be farther away from hot spots, have fewer amenities, and be more expensive. This means you're unlikely to have the large pool of options that leads to a happy group. Instead, plan for dates that are less crowded and thus you can enjoy a bigger range. 

2. Ask for One Priority. You likely can't appease everyone's complete priority list, so get them to focus on one or two things that would add the most value. This method allows people to focus on the positives in the rental rather than what they can't get. And if enough travelers have the same priority list, you could even expand it by asking for a second or third important feature. 

3. Think Outside the Box. Vacation rentals have an advantage over traditional hotels in that there is a wider variety of options. Use this to customize your group's plan. Instead of considering only private homes for your group, for instance, consider renting in adjoining condos. You may get a better price and have a larger variety of amenities while providing a little more personal space within the group. 

4. Work With Reliable Owners. Finding what appears like the perfect rental home only works out satisfactorily if everything turns out to be true. Ensure that you get what you expect by sticking to high quality and proven homeowners. Research not only the rental unit's reputation, but also reviews of the owners. Communicate early and regularly. The better your pre-trip interactions, the more likely you are to get what you pay for. 

If you follow these four tips when planning your getaway, the group's chances of being fully satisfied go up. From prioritizing the least amount of amenities to looking for alternatives that may work better, smart vacation rental planning makes for the best possible result. Learn more about vacation rental options and reviews at your destination by speaking with an expert today.