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Heading To A Vacation Condo? 3 Things To Bring With You

When you head out on a vacation, it's important to pack everything you might need for your trip. While many people are concerned about making sure that they don't forget any of those must-have items, it's important to remember that when you book a vacation condo, there are some things you should bring and others that you should leave behind. Here are three things to bring, and why. 

1. Laundry Detergent

One of the best things about renting a vacation condo is that many come with a washer and dryer, which means you may not have to pack as many clothes, helping you to lower your travel costs. Instead of packing doubles or triples of everything, you can simply pack what you need, wash it at your rental house, and wear it again during your trip. 

However, don't forget laundry detergent. If you want to avoid packing liquids, opt for powdered laundry tablets instead. By bringing some laundry detergent from home, you can avoid buying more than you could use during your trip and enjoy clean clothes the entire time. 

2. Home Streaming Devices

You love your favorite shows, so why not bring them along for the ride? Instead of risking not having access to all of your favorite shows and movies, bring along your small, home streaming stick or device with you and pop it into the television when you arrive at your vacation rental. That way, your children will have access to all of their favorite shows, and you can binge-watch your favorites too. 

3. Extension Cords

You never know if the need may arise to blowdry your hair or charge your phone when all of the outlets in one room of your vacation condo are taken. By bringing along extension cords, you can ensure that you have convenient access to the power you need when you need it. 

Make sure whichever cord you bring is rated for the kinds of electronics you would need on your trip. Check things like wattage and amperage, so you aren't left with an extension cord that doesn't have a high enough wire gauge for what you need. Remember that heat-generating appliances, such as space heaters and blow dryers, tend to use more power than other items. 

Anytime you book a vacation condo, try to learn as much as possible about the residence before you pay. Make sure that you understand what the listing includes, and whether or not you need to bring or rent recreational equipment.