Finding A Hotel Within Budget

Reasons Why You Should Book A Room Directly With A Hotel

When you are searching for a hotel to stay in, you most likely will check out both the hotel's own website and third-party websites where you can book your trip from. These are known as online travel agencies.

Sites like Expedia or are one of the preferred ways to book a hotel room. While they certainly do have their own set of perks, there are some great advantages to dealing with the hotel itself.

Here are some reasons why you should book a room directly with your hotel of choice instead of an online travel agency.

Frequent Traveler Rewards Points

If you are a frequent traveler or someone who stays in hotels due to business, it's often a good idea to book directly with the hotel because they offer reward points programs that can give you some pretty good deals. You can earn points by staying at that hotel toward your next stay, different types of meals, and even excursions that the hotel might offer.

If you stay in a hotel often, those points can add up quickly. Some hotels offer extra perks for their rewards program holders too. For example, upgrades on your room, free car rentals, and even tickets to concerts or other activities that might interest you.

Free Amenities

While you can stay in a hotel that offers free amenities to everyone, some hotels offer amenities such as free WiFi, in-room movie streaming or DVDs, in-room games, snacks and water, and a few other perks to only those who book directly with the hotel itself. This is their way of thanking you for being their customer and enticing you to always book directly with them.

A hotel might also offer early entry to their pool area, complimentary breakfasts, and discounted rates for onsite restaurants. While many of the large hotel chains offer these free amenities, many smaller hotels do, too. It's best to look around and even contact the hotel to ask what amenities they offer if you book directly with them.

Your Choice Of Room

When you book directly from a hotel, you can often request a choice of room that appeals to you. When you book through a third-party website, you don't always get an option of which room in the hotel you would like to stay. You can't always pick an oceanview or courtyard view, or even what floor you would like to stay on through an online travel agency.

When you contact the hotel itself to book your room, the hotel staff are more likely to get you the choice of room you want if possible. Also, you are more likely to get a room that includes what you want or need to have, like a room with 2 beds.

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