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Reasons For Staying At A Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you are going on vacation and you have a dog, then you may plan on bringing them with you. If so, then you need to make sure you book your stay at a pet-friendly hotel. There are a lot of reasons why people decide to bring their dogs with them when they go on trips, and this is why it's great to know that there are some fantastic hotels available that are pet-friendly. Here are some of the big reasons why some people like to bring their dogs on vacation with them: 

Their dogs are their emotional support animals

While service animals are protected by law and able to go where people go, emotional support animals aren't always given that same protection. This means they aren't guaranteed entry into the same places service animals can go, such as restaurants, stores, and hotels. However, emotional support animals are so important to the people who depend on them to help with things like anxiety and depression. This is why it's great to know you can bring your emotional support dog with you when you stay at a pet-friendly hotel. 

Their dogs have separation anxiety

Some dogs have separation anxiety, and this means they can experience a lot of stress when their owner goes on vacation and leaves them behind. The dogs may become destructive, they may become withdrawn, and they may not even eat. If your dog has separation anxiety, then you should consider taking them with you and staying in a pet-friendly hotel so they can enjoy your trip by your side. 

Their dogs love to go places

Some dogs have such a fun time going places with their families. Plus, they can add even more enjoyment to the trip for the family. If you have a dog that loves to go places and see new things with you, then staying in a pet-friendly hotel will give you the ability to allow them to join in on the great time while you are vacationing. 


No matter what your reasons are for wanting to take your dog with you while you are vacationing, the pet-friendly hotels will give you that opportunity. They will still offer you the same amenities as the other hotels but can also cater to your dog. They can have a good area for you to take your dog for exercise and to relieve themselves, plus the dog can stay right in the room with you.

Look into pet-friendly hotels to learn more.