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A Quick Guide To RV Parks Near Lakes & Ponds

When you can pull your RV right up to a lake or pond, you can enjoy spectacular views and quick water access ideal for swimming or boating. Taking a waterfront spot at an RV resort comes with some unique settings you should take into consideration for your trip.

Follow this quick guide to learn some tips for the next time you park near a body of water. The tips will help enhance the experience and create a memorable time for everyone involved.


When you park near a lake at an RV park campground, your RV is not typically covered by the shadows of trees or other forms of nature. The open view of the lake will expose your RV to the bright morning sunrise that shines on the lake. The sun will often reflect off the lake to create even brighter conditions.

When you park near a lake, you may want the windows to face the water for the beautiful views, but your mornings will include bright lights. You could face the back side of the RV towards the light to limit the excessive light inside the vehicle. Also consider the use of blackout shades inside the RV, especially if you enjoy sleeping in on your vacations.

Mosquito Repellent

When you park near any body of water, you have to consider the major increase in potential bugs or critters. Mosquitos will nest near still bodies of water, making your RV more vulnerable when you park there. Once you are in your RV for the night, reduce the number of exterior lights on the vehicle so you do not attract insects.

Also, consider the use of a mosquito repellent to protect the RV. A battery-powered repellent can cover a wide area and allow you to enjoy the water without the need to suffer through excess bug bites.

Firewood & Kindling

When you are near a moist area like a lake, you may not find the driest wood or kindling for your night fires. You may have to explore other areas of an RV park to gather the sticks and branches. Some RV parks may sell firewood to make the process easier.

Use a tarp or storage bin for the wood, so excess moisture and morning dew from the water does not dampen the wood. Damp wood could take longer to catch fire and may not burn as long.

With these tips in mind, you can still enjoy the lakeside experience and make waterfront RV resorts a regular part of your travels on the road.