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3 Reasons To Book Connected Hotel Rooms Over A Larger Suite

When you book a hotel room with five or more people, you will typically come across two main options. You could book a larger suite that will fit everyone, or you can choose two regular rooms with a connecting door on the inside. Both options come with a wide range of benefits, but if you find yourself torn, learn about some of the benefits of connected rooms.

Knowing the differences and benefits will help you make an ideal decision the next time you reserve a hotel.

1. Multiple Bathrooms

When you book two hotel rooms with a connecting door, each room will have its own elements. This means that you will have access to two bathrooms rather than one. When you double the bathroom space, you have the opportunity to schedule showers and mirror use a lot easier.

You can cut down on the prep time it takes to wait for someone else to finish in the bathroom so you can go get ready. You can avoid any petty fights and help the hotel use go more smoothly.

2. Different Exit Points & Schedules

If you vacation with another couple or family, then you may not do all of the same things during the vacation. With connected rooms, you will have access to two exit points instead of one. If one family has to wake up early, then they can simply go out their door instead of possibly waking others with the use of their own door.

Everyone will get their own key card to easily access the individual rooms and make things a lot easier to manage.

3. Price Comparisons

In some cases, you may find cheaper bargains when you book two smaller rooms rather than one large suite. Depending on the demand, suite prices can rise dramatically and impact the total cost of your vacation. When you book a hotel room online, you can compare the prices and determine the best option for your vacation.

In some cases, the price of two rooms over one is a little bit higher than the suite. In those situations, you may feel like the additional fee is worth having the extra bathroom or other perks that come with the room.

Book a hotel online to see various rates. You should always compare the rates and know exactly what you're getting before you put any money down on the hotel stay. Eventually, you will find a bargain deal that is cheaper than a suite and contains the other features you seek.